College Readiness Programs

College readiness is more than being well-prepared academically. 

It’s about ensuring college-bound students have the skills
and confidence to adapt and grow as they make new friends, experience greater personal freedom, and adjust to changing routines and unfamiliar settings.

Those skills are challenging for any young person — but for
students who learn differently, the need for college readiness takes on ever greater importance.

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Our Expertise

Beacon's college readiness programs are designed to support students and families throughout their college journey. 

In more than 30 years of providing wrap-around higher education degrees exclusively to students who learn differently, our experts have learned what students need to be successful in college, how to assess college readiness — and how to build those skills before students arrive on campus. We began in 2016 with the Summer for Success immersion program for high school students. In 2018, we began to offer Navigator PREP exclusively to incoming Beacon College students, to prepare them for our campus and introduce them to Beacon’s resources. Recognizing the success of this program in preparing that class, and the global need for this personalized program, we expanded Navigator PREP in 2019 to students attending any college. 

Now, these family-centered programs have helped more than 1,200 students enroll at their college or university of choice, nationwide. We have added new programs each year, intentionally designed to fill gaps in traditional college resources, and to help students and families address their needs at each stage of the college journey. 

Programs include options for current high school students as well as students attending other colleges. 

For High School Sophomores and Juniors

3-Week On-Campus Summer Immersion

Our popular three-week campus immersion experience focuses on giving current high school sophomores and juniors who learn differently the skills, confidence and preparation to successfully transition to college. Featuring three unique tracks for students to explore their interests while building their academic skills and having fun!

For High School Juniors

Hands-on Preparation for the College Search and Application Process

Navigator PREP Jr. is a virtual six-month program for current high school juniors to proactively prepare for the college application process and the transition to college through personalized coaching and hands-on activities that give them a headstart on their college search.

For High School Juniors and Seniors

8-Week Virtual Classes to Build Critical College Academic Skills

This series of hands-on and project-based 8-week online courses provide current high school juniors and seniors with a dedicated small-class setting to develop the skills needed to plan and execute college-level assignments in reading, writing and mathematics.

For High School Seniors

One-on-One College Readiness Counseling for Students and Families

The country’s first virtual transition-to-college program engaging both students and parents. Available up to nine months before entering any college in the nation, Navigator PREP proactively addresses the executive functioning, social, and emotional regulation deficits that impede college success.

For High School Seniors, Gap Year Students and College Students

On-Campus Summer Workshop for High School Seniors and Transfer Students

A week-long workshop designed for high school seniors and current college students to build critical skills for academic and social success. Students participate in daily hands-on activities, counseling and instruction in: executive functioning, social integration and emotional well-being, critical thinking and reading, writing, and career readiness. 

For College Students

Real-Time Online Courses with Expert Beacon Faculty and Support Services

A virtual semester where recent high school graduates can earn up to 12 general education college credits through live, multimodal learning. The program also features critical value-added support and individualized coaching to help students develop the executive functioning skills needed to succeed at their chosen college.

For College Students

One-on-One Transition Support for Current College Students

A virtual semester-long program where new, continuing or transitioning college students receive one-to-one coaching and support applying their skills within the social environment, academic rigor and independence of college life.

It's never too early or too late for college readiness.

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