An estimated 8-10% of professional athletes have ADHD.

A New Opportunity for Student Athletes

An estimated 8-10% of professional athletes have ADHD. Talented athletes with learning differences may struggle to achieve academically at the same level as in their sport. These athletes have often received considerable academic support in high school, but their grades hold them back from top tier collegiate programs.

Beacon College’s unique academic environment is designed to help students with learning differences leverage their strengths and weaknesses into skills and strategies for academic success. Small class sizes, assistive technology, and personalized support help athletes relieve academic stress so they can succeed in their sport.

You can succeed in college academics — while making the most of college athletics.

Competitive Athletic Scholarships

As a USCAA member, Beacon is now offering competitive scholarships for talented student athletes. Athletic scholarships are available for college-bound students in:

  • Basketball (USCAA Men’s and Women’s teams)
  • Cross Country  (USCAA Men’s and Women’s teams)
  • Golf (Club)
  • Tennis (Club)

Please complete the athletic scholarship application form below to supply your information and begin the process of speaking with our coaches.

Magic Johnson, Mitch McGary, and Brandon Roy are a few NBA players who have struggled with similar challenges.

What are the steps to enrollment?

  1. Complete your Application for Admission to Beacon College. This step must be completed in order to receive a final financial aid and scholarship award package. Be sure to provide all required documentation (high school transcripts, college transcripts if applicable, references, and other requirements per Beacon’s admissions guidelines).
  2. Complete the Athletic Scholarship Application, and our coaches will be in touch with you to determine your scholarship eligibility.
  1. Evaluate your financial aid and scholarship eligibility, and make your college choice. We are here for you every step of the way – speak with us often and openly about your decision.
  2. Complete the Intent to Enroll at Beacon College to secure your financial aid package, your housing and course registration.
  3. Accept your financial aid and scholarships through our Financial Aid portal, as well as all other required enrollment documents.

For More Information

Watch the Virtual Information Session:
Access our on-demand webinar, featuring Head Basketball Coach Sam Vincent, to learn more about scholarship opportunities, and decide if Beacon College is the right fit for you.

Connect with Beacon Athletics:
Reach out to our athletic director or one of our coaches to learn more about Beacon’s athletic program and opportunities for student athletes.